can stress cause premature labor

Experiences and unrest can provoke premature birth and problems with bearing children in posterity.

The nature of stress and its effects on pregnant women were studied at the Lethbridge University of Canada. Experts conducted a study on rats. According to the experimental conditions, rodents were divided into two groups. In the first group, the females calmly bore offspring, and in the second, shortly before the birth, they were subjected to severe stress. Researchers watched the children of rodents from the control groups and noted that the next generation had problems with bearing offspring. Many had premature births. See also: Pregnant women plan to reduce working hours Scientists have come to the conclusion that the effects of stress manifest themselves in the second and even third generation. The cubs were born prematurely, also they had low weight and high blood sugar. The physiology of rodents and people is similar, so the analogies are not in doubt among researchers. Scientists urge all pregnant women not to give in to stress and less nervous.

can stress cause premature labor
Can stress cause premature labor?

Pregnant stress threatens the health of the unborn child

The fact that severe stress is harmful is well known. Now scientists have taken up the question of how the stress experienced by the mother during pregnancy affects the health of the child.

Pregnancy, even if it is not the first, in itself, of course, a fair amount of stress. But even if this were not so, hardly any woman manages for all nine months to avoid the stress caused by various events in everyday life. And therefore, almost any expectant mother asks: how will the stress experienced by her affect the child? Can the mother’s fear, pain, grief, irritation, or agitation be transmitted to the fetus in the womb?

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