Traffic, smog, noise pollution: after a winter in the city, the arrival of summer brings with it the desire to breathe fresh air and spend time in the midst of nature. It’s time for summer holidays and for parents, especially those with very young children, it’s also time to make the fateful decision: sea or mountain?

Of course, the question to be answered is pleasant, since it is a matter of holidays, but a parent, even during the holidays, feels the need to take care of their children and make sure that those days can be exploited to benefit their health. Both the sea and the mountains are places of well-being that offer important benefits by offering several advantages, we see which in particular.



Mountain air is good for all seasons. Regardless of the altitude, the mountain resorts are a recommended destination for children with a particularly lively temperament. The climate and lower temperatures help children who are more agitated to relax, unwind and rest better during the night.

Specifically, the body benefits from the rarefied air at high altitudes, which contains less oxygen and leads to changes that facilitate the respiratory tract and the circulatory system. The body is encouraged to take deeper breaths and increase the rhythm of breathing, positively stimulating the lungs and bronchi. The heartbeat increases and brings more oxygen to the cells.

With a very low percentage of moisture, pollution and allergenic substances, mountain air is the ideal condition for children suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases. The mountain climate, in fact, helps to clear the airways (mouth and nose) and alleviate discomfort.


The sea is the best place to take the lazy on holiday. Sun and beach are perfect for children who are used to spending most of their time on the sofa watching TV, and for those who tend to easily fatten up.

The wide spaces such as the beach allow children to move freely, play, socialize, do movement while having fun. Specifically, the sea air, rich in iodine, helps to stimulate the activity of the thyroid gland, which controls the production of hormones that regulate metabolism. In addition, higher temperatures, stimulate thirst and decrease the desire to eat heavy foods and fats, in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Whether you choose the sea or the mountains, our advice is to pay attention to the precautions to be taken before leaving.

In the mountains, if you choose to sleep at high altitude (2500-3000 meters), the body of children may have difficulty acclimatizing, so you must make a series of checks before planning your holiday. Also check that in the place where you are going there are routes suitable for children and do not forget to bring with you the appropriate clothing (t-shirts, hiking shoes, warm sweatshirts, raincoats, caps …). A characteristic of the mountain is the changing climate, in fact in a short time you can switch from the sun to the clouds or even to heavy downpours.

At the beach, however, you must be careful not to expose children to the sun during the hottest hours. The sun’s rays, in fact, can be particularly harmful after 11.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. However, even in the quietest hours you must always have with you sunscreen, hat, umbrella.


Are you the parents of those nice little kids who, as soon as you look away, take the opportunity to escape and hide in the most unlikely places? Whether you have decided to go to the beach or to the mountains, a holiday must be fun and relaxing both for you and for them: so find a way to reconcile the sense of responsibility that, as good parents, you will take on holidays, with the need to allow yourself days of escape and serenity. On the other hand, holidays are the best opportunity for your children to play in the wide open spaces and satisfy their curiosity by exploring what surrounds them.

So what to do? If you are not lucky enough to be able to count on grandparents and babysitters, try to rely on technology. How? For example, using those innovative electronic devices that, through a transmitter and an acoustic and visual signal, warn you when your little explorer moves too far away. An example of this are the products of Garmin that those who have taken out the Family Protection for Children policy know well, because if you buy them online, those who have health insurance benefits from an advantageous discount.

Fun, serenity and relaxation: all you have to do is to evaluate the advantages and choose the best place to take your children on holiday and enjoy a family holiday. And in total safety.

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