can identical twins be different sexes

What do we know about twins, except that they are born at the same time to the same mother? The birth of two or more children is a miracle of nature that has not yet been fully solved and studied. Medicine describes the maximum number of children born at the same time to a woman after IVF, usually, twins are born in vivo, less often triplets. Today, due to the introduction of assisted reproductive technologies, more twins are born, as well as triplets. But still, twin children do not cease to amaze us with their characteristics, and they are not always children who are like each other as two drops of water – they can be quite different, although they are born in one day.

Twins were noted even by ancient people, not without reason one of the zodiac constellations called Twins, where the heads of each of the twins shine two bright stars. Twins were sung in ancient myths and legends as unusual people, gifted by God. Each of the cultures in one way or another noted in their poems and legends the birth of twins as something extraordinary. And mothers who have two babies born at the same time, you will confirm this. The message from the doctor that you will have not one but two or even three children – this is shocking news in a good sense of the word, and I want to know about the features of their future babies more.

can identical twins be different sexes
Can identical twins be different sexes?

A little bit about twins.

We know that there are identical twins who are born on the same day as two drops of water. Balls and twins are children who are no more like ordinary siblings, but who are also born at the same time. Why are twins so interesting to everyone around them and why are they so much admired? It’s simple – the birth of twins in humans is a rare phenomenon, unlike many animals that give birth to several babies. Therefore, pregnancy twins and their birth – a real miracle in the family, although it is quite a heavy burden on the shoulders of parents. Birth and raise twins more difficult, children will require twice as much attention and care.

Previously, in ancient times, if two or more children were born at once the same outwardly – it was considered to be intrigues of unclean force or divine providence, and feared such people, considering them special. Today, in the age of high technology, we know very well where these children come from, although the birth of identical twins is still not fully understood and remains one of the mysteries for medicine. The situation with the identical twins is much more understandable – these are children from two different eggs, which are simultaneously ripe in the mother’s ovaries, at the same time came out of them and fertilized, giving rise to two new lives at once. Of course, it will not be possible to call it an ordinary phenomenon, because in normal conditions women in a month produce only one active and capable of conceiving an egg.

However, the trend towards the birth of twins – this is usually a hereditary feature, there are entire families – where the birth of twins is an old tradition. Diverse twins are born much more often than identical twins, and in today’s time with the development of in vitro fertilization and replanting at the same time, two or three embryos at the same time, the statistics have changed in favor of the diverse. Usually, two children are born with different eggs, although there may be exceptions. These children are completely different, they can be of different genders and with strong differences in appearance. I have an employee who has children of different-looking twins – a girl with blue-eyed blonde hair in her mother’s face, a boy with brown eyes in her father’s face. That is, children develop from two different eggs and two different sperm cells with their absolutely unique set of genes, randomly combined by nature. They are just ordinary siblings, only randomly born on the same day.

But with identical twins, everything is much more mysterious and complex, they have one original egg and one sperm, but they give life to two or more babies. Why in the process of division and growth, it gives rise to several babies – not yet quite clear to science and medicine fact, but identical twins are always the same sex, they are always identical, they have the same blood group, and they are natural clones of each other. As they grow and mature, they may have certain natural differences that arise under the influence of the environment, but in general, they remain very similar to each other, which at first confused even close relatives. It is believed that identical twins have a special blood relationship, and even think and think alike they like similar people, and they often fall in love even with the same people. These children feel each other from a distance at the level of special fluids, and this is real magic.

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