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Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Program

The needs of AYA patients with cancer are multiple, complex, and different from younger pediatric patients or older adult patients.  AYAs are typically navigating more mature issues at the time of diagnosis, including self-identity, independence,  relationships, increasing school and professional responsibilities, and issues of sexuality and fertility.  The AYA program was developed to acknowledge and meet these needs head-on.  The mission of the AYA program is to provide high-quality, evidence-based, coordinated care that promotes the physical, psychological and emotional health of adolescents and young adults with cancer during and after therapy by empowering them with the resources and knowledge they need to live an independent and fulfilling life.

The multidisciplinary AYA team consults on all newly diagnosed patients aged 15 and older to provide age-appropriate resources, counseling and referrals on a wide range of topics that impact this special age group.


AYA Directors:

Allyson Flower, MD
(914) 493-7997

Jeremy Rosenblum, MD
(914) 493-7997

Program Coordinator:

Tara Giblin, MS, MPH, CPNP
(914) 493-7997

AYA Social Worker:
Barbara McLain, LCSW-R
(914) 493-7997

AYA Psychologist:
Lila Pereira, PhD
(914) 493-7997